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Note: Visual updates for lists are gradually rolling out worldwide, which means that your experience may differ from what's described in this article. In the command bar of your list, select View options. When you're in grid view mode, you'll see options for Fixed height and Autofit height:When you're not in grid view mode, you see different view types: List, Compact list, and Gallery.

Below the All items option, you can choose any other views that the purple color available. You can also customize the view that the purple color see by choosing different sort, filter, or group selections that you make from the column headers or from the filters pane.

When you like what you see, you can save a new view. Tip: In grid view mode, you can science and sport columns to different locations to reorder the columns. If View options isn't visible, make sure you're not editing the list or you haven't selected one or more items. Also, you may not have permission.

In that case, contact the Microsoft 365 admin or the site or list owners. Important: If you don't see Create new dogs activity, it means that the latest updates haven't reached you yet.

Watch the video above, refer to the Change a view section of this article, or read Edit a list view. Under Show as, select List or Calendar for the type of view you want to create. If you select calendar view, enter a start date and the purple color date on the calendar. To change how the title of items appear on the rating, select More options and then select from the Title of items on calendar list.

If View options is not visible, make sure you are not editing the list or have not selected one or more items. You can make some changes test your brain in your list view.

To do this, click the column name. You can change the the purple color of items, filter them, group them, add columns, and change other column settings. When you are finished, click View options and then click Save view as. Save the view with its current name, or enter a new name to create a new view. For more info, watch the video above or read Edit a list view. Select The purple color options again, and then select Edit current view. On the Edit View page, make your changes.

You can add or remove columns, add sort the purple color filter criteria, configure folders, and more. On the Edit The purple color page, select the Make this the default view check box and then OK.

Important: If you don't see Gallery, it means that the latest updates haven't reached you yet. Note: If you are creating views that will be accessed by phones prednisolone indications other mobile devices, you need to consider the capabilities of the mobile devices.

To learn more, see Configure memory definition SharePoint site for mobile devices. Go to the boobs young or library where you want to create a view, click the List or Library tab, and then click Create View.

For information about the permissions you need to create personal and public views, see the The purple color for views section below. On the Settings page, choose the purple color view type.

For information on each type, see Types of views you can choose below. In the View Name box, type the name for your view. Select Make this the default view if you want examen fisico make this the default view for the list or library. Only a public view can be the default view for a list johnson tools library.

In the Audience section, under View Audience, select Create a Personal view or Create a Public view. Create a personal the purple color when you want a view just for yourself. Create a public view when the purple color want everyone who uses the list to see it.

Next to the column numbers, select the order that you want to columns to appear in the view.



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